When you are working on a sustainable homestead, there are many aspects you need to consider. Some of these aspects deal with food production while others deal with rainwater collection, gardening or animal husbandry. All of these tasks have something in common. They can all benefit from industrial steel fabrication. Here are some of the ways that your sustainable homestead can benefit from steel fabrication. 

Rainwater Collection

Rainwater collection is vital for many sustainable homesteads. The water can be used for plants, animals and even as part of a greywater system in the home. For example, rainwater collection can be used to flush toilets as well as run through a filtration system for use in laundry and cleaning. In order to operate any of these collection resources safely and properly, you need to have the right equipment. Rainwater barrels, guttering and rainwater run slopes are all necessary and made from steel. Steel fabrication contractors can create these pieces for you based on your parameters.

Animal Enclosures

Sustainable homesteads tend to have several animals. These animals help provide food, milk and in some cases meat. The key element they all have in common is the need for proper enclosures, shelters and feeding areas. All of these areas can be created or enhanced with the use of steel fabrication. Animal enclosures and runs can be made with a combination of steel fabricated gates, roofs and panels. These can be made to fit your parameters and measurements. They can also be fabricated with various designs or special additions for the various animals you have.

Raised Gardening

Many sustainable homesteads are smaller than most traditional farms. This means they tend to have less space for growing crops. With that in mind, utilizing every available amount of space is vital. One way to do this is through the use of raised garden beds and vertical garden beds. These can be created from steel and wood. They can include climbing anchors for vine plants such as beans. They can also have guttering attachments, drip irrigation and side bed panels to retain water and soil. 

If you need any of these steel fabrication ideas created and installed for your sustainable homestead, contact your area contractor. They can help with the design options, create the steel you need, and instal the steel as well. If they do not handle the installation themselves they can suggest an option for you.