The bottom line of any business is highly crucial, and any wastage should be a significant factor to consider. If you are running a powder coating project, you want to ensure minimal wastage to boost your overall profit. But however careful you might be, things can quickly get messy.

Luckily, this post outlines four essential tips to assist you to minimise wastage, maximise profits and streamline the entire powder coating process. Read on to learn more. 

Install Powder Drawers

An excellent and straightforward way to deal with wastage during powder coating is by installing drawers that help catch powder. After finishing the task, pull out the removable drawer and empty the collected powder in a storage drum. While you might not collect useable waste, you will be able to save more time and avoid the headache of cleaning up after powder coating. 

Implement Pulse Control

Another excellent way to cut down wastage is using pulse control when powder coating. This method is straightforward but produces significant impact and excellent consistency. It is ideal when using powder drawers or fluidised powder beds discussed below. The process works by using a Magnehelic gauge on the powder coating booth, which helps monitor pressure. After attaining the present level, the filter vibrates briefly. As a result, the powder falls from the filter to the drawers or fluidised bed.

Consider Using a Fluidised Powder Bed

The shape and size of some parts can make it quite challenging to achieve the perfection required for powder coating projects. The greater the complexity, the harder it becomes to achieve the highest percent transfer efficiency when powder coating. However, you can solve this problem using fluidised beds. They help shield out unnecessary parts to leave powder on the part's surface.

Use Transfer Pumps

Consider using a transfer pump if you plan to minimise the time taken to collect powder coating waste. It assists in removing powder from the fluidised bed to the storage bins you use for powder collection. If you aim to reclaim powder, consider fitting the transfer pumps with filters that help catch debris and any heavy sediments that render your powder unusable. 

If you want to achieve an efficient, profitable and less waste for your powder coating projects, consider these four tips. Besides, work with a professional vendor who can help with your paint booth and powder guns. To learn more, contact a powder coating service.