As you begin building your yoga studio, you may find that you want a sleek modern look in some areas. For example, a hot yoga room may have a much different and more modern feel than a Kundalini room or meditation room. With that in mind, you may look to stainless steel as an option to convey the sleek look while maintaining an easy to clean area. If that is something you are considering, here are three stainless fabrication projects that can give your yoga studio the look and functionality you want.

1. Ornamental Panels

One of the ways you can section off your yoga studio is by using partitions. Though there are varying ideas for partition choices, a sleek and modern option would be the use of stainless ornamental panels. These panels are cut with etchings and designs to create different patterns based on what you want or what fits your decor. For example, you can have a tree of life cut into the panels, or you can have stainless fabrication designs that use lotus flowers and other yoga connected designs. The panels can be fabricated to roll out of place for storage and for rearranging a room depending on the size of the studio.

2. Water Fountains

One of the accessories that you can offer in your yoga studio is a wall mounted water fountain. Though there are options such as stone and granite, a stainless steel model can give you some advantages. For example, steel fabrication contractors can design wall mounted water fountains with ripples and different textures. This texturing can give a different flow to the water and even a different sound to the fountain itself. This fountain can give your clients a soothing backdrop of natural noise during meditation while taking up as little room as possible in the studio.

3. Decorative Lighting

Lighting is vastly important in the overall feel of your yoga studio. You need lighting that fits the mood of the specific yoga style as well as lighting that is adjustable. Just as important to the lighting adjustments and intensity is the lighting fixture. Traditional fixtures may be off-putting or look out of place in a yoga studio. Stainless fabrication contractors can design options that work with your studio theme, such as lotus petal light fixtures or similar options. They are unique and can enhance the studio feel.

These are only three of the stainless fabrication projects you can use in your yoga studio. If you are ready to commission some or all of these projects, contact your stainless manufacturing company. They can help you with specific designs and with the installation of the finished projects.