Contrary to what many people believe, not all powder coatings are created equal. In fact, there are several base polymers you can choose between, with polyester being by far the most popular. However, more and more manufacturers are coming around to the benefits offered by polyurethane. Similar chemistries link the two, but polyurethane comes with several important advantages.

Of course, polyurethane powder coating does tend to cost a little more than polyester, but here are just a few reasons why that added expense represents a sound investment.

Polyurethane Powder Coating is Abrasion Resistant

Exceptional durability is possible with either polyurethane or polyester powder coating, but the former generally holds up better over time. This is because polyurethane powder coating is harder and more resistant to abrasions than polyester. Of course, the exact hardness of each variety will depend on the precise formulation used by the manufacturer, but, in general, you'll find that polyurethane powder coating is harder to scratch and chip than polyester, so it's a clear winner if long-term reliability and an unbroken appearance are paramount concerns.

Polyurethane Powder Coating Offers Superior Chemical Resistance

Finally, polyurethane powder coating should be your first choice if you need to ensure a resistance to most chemicals. Traditionally, chemical resistance was something that demanded an epoxy powder coating, so many people will opt for epoxy out of habit when chemical resistance is a key concern. However, well-formulated polyurethane powder coatings can provide strong chemical resistance as well.

Polyurethane Powder Coating Delivers a Better Finish

Powder coating is usually conducted more for practical purposes than aesthetic ones, but it is sometimes important for the finished surface to look as good as possible. In such cases, you'll want to think hard about the coating material you use. Unfortunately, polyester powder coatings are difficult to create with a low gloss or matte finish. On the other hand, polyurethane powder coatings can be finished almost any way you want them to be, all without sacrificing overall protective performance. You can achieve a stronger colour palette and anything from high gloss to matte. Additionally, the finish of polyurethane powder coating tends to be a little smoother.

In general, polyurethane powder coatings should be considered an upgrade from the traditional polyester. While polyester coatings will certainly do the job, you'll find that polyurethane provides superior abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, as well as a smoother and more visually-pleasing finish.