If you are interested in beginning a metal fabrication business, you will need the correct tools so that your business will be accurate and professional. This will require a big investment in the beginning.

Drill Press

A drill press is a machine that drills holes. The machine is generally used on a table, and it has a small platform. You can raise and lower the platform according to the size of the piece you are welding. The drill part is above and can be adjusted to drill different depths and widths of holes. You may need several sizes of drill presses in the future; however, starting with one should be sufficient in the beginning.

Bench Grinder

This machine also comes in a variety of sizes; however, you can start with just one. The purpose of this machine is to shape the metal before you begin the welding part of the process. You can also use this machine to sharpen any of your tools. It works by having two rough wheels on either side of the motor. The wheels turn and are able to grind away at your metal or sharpen your tools. Some types of bench grinders can be bolted to the floor and have a foot pedal at which you can control the speed.


This is another tool for cutting in metal fabrication. A band saw is basically exactly what it sounds like. It is a saw that is not a line you must move back and forth but a band that turns and continuously cuts the metal. There are usually a minimum of two wheels turning the band, though there can be three or four. The benefit of having this tool is the uniform appearance it gives, not leaving the metal uneven. This benefit is due to the fact that the saw has teeth evenly spread out.


Of course, you will need a welder if you are going to be welding metal. Welders can be fed by gas of MIG (metal insert gas), which is a bit different. You can buy welders that require a specific input voltage, which is important if your shop only provides one level of voltage. You can also select the thickness of metal through which you will be cutting. That will allow you to select a welder that will cut the kind of metal and complete the type of job you will need done.