Whether your customers are celebrating special events like birthdays and anniversaries or they regularly come for breakfast at your bakery, they will be exposed to whatever packaging you use. Your packaging will not only help you store and deliver bakery products to your customers, but it can also act as a symbol of your brand. It can help you attract new customers, considering things like food safety. Thankfully, you can make your packaging unique by using custom-made boxes, designed specifically for the particular needs of your bakery business. If you have just started out in the bakery business, you may not have adequate knowledge of what you need for your packaging. The following are some of the things you should consider going for:

Insulation and Refrigeration

Your clients expect you to deliver fresh products despite the fact that you may have to do the delivery far away from your bakery store. Some bakery products like cakes are very sensitive to temperature, which is the reason you should have custom-made boxes to enable you deliver them in the best state possible regardless of the distance. You can achieve this by going for insulated boxes with refrigerants to keep the cake additives and preservatives fresh throughout the storage period. For instance, polystyrene boxes are good for insulated containers and you can get them specifically for far-away deliveries. They will also come in handy when you have many orders to deliver within a short time and, therefore, have to prepare products early and store them.

Food Contact Certifications

Customers need to know that they are safe when they buy and eat your bakery products. Even though your sanitation may be up to standard, reassuring your customers that your packaging is health-safe will go a long way in nurturing the confidence they should have in your baking business. Therefore, your boxes should have visible messages reminding customers that the materials you have used to package your products are food-contact approved. Where possible, include names or small logos of the institution in charge of assessing and approving the packaging material.

Seal Integrity

You can also use the sealing mechanism to make your customers trust your business and appreciate your efforts to put their safety first. Preferably, go for sealing mechanisms that enable your customers to know if someone has tampered with the seal. Make sure that the seal reminds the customers to turn down any goods whose seals appear to be tampered with.