Centrifugal pumps are a reliable way of pumping water in your home. It uses kinetic energy generated by a powerful impeller that rotates to impart motion to the water. The rotation of the impeller is in part facilitated by bearings. This means that the bearings are always in constant motion whenever the pump is running. They are exposed to a lot of friction, and it is important to keep them lubricated at all times to prevent the possibility of the pump breaking down.  You can choose either oil or grease when lubricating these parts. The following are some of the reasons grease is ideal for your home's centrifugal pump:

Supports a Variety of Bearing Arrangements

Grease is a semi-solid material that is easily retained within the bearing compartment or shaft. This enhances flexibility in the design and installation of the pump. Particularly, you will have an easier time using grease in vertical and inclined bearing shafts. Unlike oil, it will not drain out of the compartment, especially at high temperatures or after being used for a long period.

Good Stop-Start Performance

Grease has a very good stop-start performance. Whenever you use oil, it will gradually roll back to the lowest point on the shaft and only spread onto the bearings when they begin to move. On the other hand, grease will remain in place even after the machine has been turned off and the bearings are not in motion. By remaining within the bearing component where it is needed, grease reduces the chances of the machine having a dry start. Therefore, there is little friction on the bearings as the pump starts, which prolongs their life and minimises the possibility of a bearing-related breakdown.

Reduced Risk of Contamination

If any of the bearings wears out, it develops a smooth surface that makes it hard to retain oil. This elevates the risk of the oil leaking to other parts of the pump. On the other hand, worn out bearings have a better capacity of retaining grease because of its higher viscosity. Ideally, it does not leak out of the bearing shafts even when the bearings are worn out. This helps to prevent contamination in cases where the lubricant leaks and finds its way to the water you are pumping.

Abrasion Additives

Grease allows the use of other additives such as zinc oxide to minimise the abrasion of the bearings. When used with oil, most of the additives would dissolve or settle at the bottom of the shaft, making the lubricant less efficient.