Sending posters or large pieces of paper over mail can be a challenging task. Finding an envelope that's large enough can be difficult and also rather expensive. A better option for mailing items like these is to use mailing tubes. Mailing storage tubes allow you to roll the poster or paper up into a tube for safe transportation. However, in order to use mailing tubes properly to make sure the item you're sending stays safe and undamaged, there are few things you should think about.

Size of tube

Make sure you find a mailing tube that is large enough to fit the rolled up poster. The most important thing is that the full length of the poster can fit inside the mailing tube. You should also make sure that the tube isn't too large. The poster should fit inside it without unravelling and without moving around back and forth or to the sides, as the movement can cause the surface of the poster to wear against the inside or the stuffing of the mailing tube.


To further protect your poster after you've put it in the mailing tube, you should also consider using some type of stuffing to make sure that the poster can't move around in the tube. It's also good to use stuffing to protect the poster from the hard sides inside the tube. Use a soft material that is easy to shape. Bubble wrap or pieces of cut off fabric can be used for this purpose. If you want to use paper, you should opt for paper towels or other types of paper that are softer than ordinary writing paper. Avoid using newspapers. The paper itself might be too rough and wear on the poster, but there's also a risk of the ink from the newspaper staining your poster if they are rubbing against each other during the transportation.

Secure the lids

You should also make sure that your mailing tube is securely closed. Most packing tubes come with one lid at each end, meaning the risk of one of them popping open during transportation is doubled. Avoid this risk by fastening both of the lids with packaging tape. If you're using a paper mailing tube, you might also want to consider putting a layer of packaging tape around the entire tube to add more stability to it, as paper tubes tend to break more easily than cardboard tubes. You should also use tape if you're using a telescopic mailing tube to secure the tube in the right position. If it's not secured, it might slip and press down on the poster inside.