Before fitting a platform lift into your home or office, you need to choose one that will be functional enough. With a wide range of platform lifts, finding the right one may not be easy. You need to be very careful on many factors so that you find a lift that will serve its purpose effectively.

To help you with the decision, here are tips to help you choose the right platform lift for your home or office.

The Type of Lift (Open or Enclosed)

The choice of whether you should choose an open or enclosed platform lift will depend on the distance that has to be travelled. Open type platform lifts usually lack shafts in which the platform has to travel. On the other hand, enclosed platform lifts have shaft enclosures along the lengths of their travel. Open platform lifts are usually limited to short lengths.

The Amount of Space

When buying a platform lift, it's important to consider the amount of space that you will need. This space is also referred to as the platform lift's footprint. When evaluating the amount of space that you will need, remember to look at the arrangement of the doors and the amount of space that you will require in front of the these doors. Having enough space in front of the platform lift will ensure that the users access it safely as well as comfortably.

The Drive System

The drive system that you choose has a lot of impact on the amount of space required for installing the lift, ride of the lift, and the resilience of the lift's components. There are three distinct platform drive systems, including screw, chain, and hydraulic drive. If you choose a hydraulic drive system for instance, you will require extra space to accommodate the fluid tank.

The Choice between a Ramp and a Pit

When buying a platform lift, you will have to decide whether it should have a pit or a ramp. Typically, standard platform lifts will require a pit of a given length. However, in cases whether provision of a pit is not possible, a ramp will be provided at the bottom of the lift's door. Be careful when going for platform lift with a ramp because ramps can sometimes pose potential tripping hazards.

Using the above tips when shopping for a platform lift will help you find the type that's best suited for your home or office as well as for the users.