Pallets contribute greatly to international shipping. They are the number one option for packing up a wide array pf products, spanning from the soft beverages you take on a hot day to the electronics you have in your home. For shippers, pallets are an important tool in facilitating a smooth experience, so you need to know exactly what you need. Don't underestimate the role these tools play in the overall shipping process. They can even have an effect on your overall shipping costs. If you're a new business and wondering what pallet is best for your shipping needs, then here is a detailed comparison between wooden and plastic pallets.

Understand the basics

The basic differences between plastic and wooden pallets are vast. So you need to know their characteristics to make a perfect choice.

With wooden plastic, you'll use up lesser costs because they are way cheaper than plastic ones. In fact, they can be up to 3 times cheaper than their plastic counterparts, which makes them a perfect choice when you're looking for reduced initial costs. These pallets are a lot easier to repair once they get broken, so you won't have to worry about purchasing another pallet. With plastic pallets, you'll have to melt it down and remodel it again or simply purchase another.

However, plastic pallets are more durable. They won't suffer from moisture decay or harbour bugs that would deteriorate them. So if you're in a closed-loop industry where your pallets get returned to you, plastic are a better option as they'll last longer. Additionally, plastic pallets are a lot lighter hence a good option when looking for reduced shipping costs.

Determine the weight of your products

Wooden pallets are a good choice if you intend on shipping heavy items. Plastic pallets can only carry up to 1500 pounds, so if your products are any heavier, then wooden ones would be your best option. This is simply because wood is more robust and stronger as compared to plastic, and it could easily handle the extra weight.

Determine the type of products

Wooden pallets are a no when shipping fragile or sensitive goods. They have fasteners that may easily damage or puncture your products. Plastic pallets would be a safer option since they don't have these fasteners. This is advantageous even in your own handling. You'll be at a lesser risk of getting injured due to chipping and screw nails that are in wooden pallets.

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