If you spend a lot of time in your garage building things, you have probably already thought about getting a dust collection system for your building. It minimises the mess created when you're working with different materials, and it's also beneficial to your health. Dust particles of any material that end up in your lungs can be harmful and make you seriously ill. A dust collection system removes these particles and cleans up the air in your garage so that you can work without worrying about your health. If you plan on building a dust collection system yourself, you have many things you need to think about. However, the most important choice you'll need to make is what type of pipes you should use for your system.

PVC pipes

A common spiral ducting material used for many different applications is PVC pipes. It's a cheap material that is easy to handle and therefore easy to install. You should, however, avoid this type of pipes when building your dust collection system. The cause of this is that dust going through PVC pipes can build up a static electricity that can be truly dangerous if you use electrical equipment near your dust collection system later. The static electricity can give you a shock, cause electrical equipment to stop working, or even light a fire. It is possible to ground the material, but it's complicated and expensive.

Spiral steel pipes

Spiral steel pipes are the preferred type of spiral ducting for dust collection units. It's a durable material that is easy to ground. It doesn't create an electrical charge when being used as a dust collector. You should, however, make sure that the steel spiral welded pipe you're getting is galvanised, as steel doesn't withstand rust and corrosion in its natural state. You should also remember to examine your spiral steel pipe regularly after you've installed your dust collector to make sure that it isn't starting to rust.

Coated pipe

Another option available is spiral tubing with a steel core and vinyl coating. This type of spiral ducting material has the same properties as steel when it comes to collecting dust, but the vinyl adds even more durability to the structure. It's an option you should consider specifically if you work a lot with chemicals, as the vinyl protects the spiral ducting from exposure of corrosive or harmful chemicals that otherwise could ruin you dust collection system. Avoid covered spiral ducting that is covered in rubber if you also use it as an ordinary dust collector and not only chemical collector, as the dust tends to stick to the rubber.